AKETBABA Instant Gari


Instant Gari is a product that was borne out of a necessity to add value to one of the most popular Nigerian Product, Gari.

  • It is a meal that is produced in a hygienic condition and has all constituents of a balanced diet, as it contains addendums such as nuts and sugar, which aids the consumption of Gari.

  • A full meal aimed at convenience, all –in-one and can be taken both in public and offices.

  • An Organic Food meal that can be taken in-between meals as a substitute for non-organic junk foods.

  • A proudly-nigerian product that can contribute to the #buy naija, grow naira, narrative.

  • It is high affordable and makes gari snacking more available in corporate and public places.

  • The packaging is environmentally friendly.

  • It contains fibre, so can aid weight management for the health-conscious

Bulk deal
Quantity Discount Discounted price
5 - 10 5% 475.00
11 - 20 10% 450.00
21 - 50 15% 425.00
51 - 200 25% 375.00
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